How to stand out when Interviewing – Part 8: How to prepare for an interview

Now, we get to the part that is the supposedly “hardest” part of interviewing. In this post, I’ll tell you not only how to prepare for an interview, but how to prepare effectively. People don’t prepare for interviews in general, so a little bit of effective practice and preparation can go a long way.

I’ll be completely transparent here: writing this post scared me a bit. I sat on the content for a long time. This was actually one of the first posts I wrote in this whole series because I wanted to get it exactly right. [Read more…]

How to stand out when Interviewing – Part 6: Practice Interviewing

So, you’ve picked a new position, gathered data about yourself and your work, crafted the narrative or theme you want to convey, written a base resume, compiled a portfolio, and you are wondering what’s next in this journey to sharpen your interviewing skills. This post begins the most important and impactful part when sharpening your interviewing skills: practicing interviewing as if you are in the room. [Read more…]

How to stand out when Interviewing – Part 5: Build Your Portfolio


This post talks about building a portfolio for when you are interviewing, which is the perfect compliment to the previous post, where we learned how to write our base resume. A great portfolio can really highlight exactly what value you bring to the table by showcasing your talents. An interviewer can more easily see how you fit into their organization when they have an example of your work. [Read more…]

Goal Setting in 2013 and a Review of 2012

At the beginning of last year, I wrote a blog post that talked about the goal setting I did for 2011 and my accomplishments, what I did wrong, and what I did right. I followed that up with another blog post that defined my goals for 2012. This post will recap those goals and how I fared this year, including what I got right, what I did wrong, and how I’m going to address the items in 2013. [Read more…]

How to stand out when Interviewing – Part 4: Writing your Base Resume

In the previous post in this series about interviewing tips, we talked about how to craft your theme. I also mentioned that having a theme can help give you a solid foundation to build your resume off of.

I used to think that I could write one resume for the position I wanted and shotgun it out to companies to get an interview. That doesn’t work and it wastes a ton of your time. However, having a solid base resume can cut down the amount of time you spend tuning your resume in the future when you go to apply for a position. [Read more…]

How to stand out when Interviewing – Part 2: Gathering Data about Yourself

In the previous post, I wrote about some questions you can use to help identify which direction to take your career. This post will go over how to gather data about yourself to provide evidence and narrative to get your career going in the direction you want to go. The types of metrics I list below (and more that you’ll come up with) are the ones you want to look for because they are very powerful when provided on a resume or in person because they show that you took the time to measure and improve a portion of something you worked on to benefit the business more. 90+% of the resumes I’ve read don’t have these types of numbers to back them up but they should and would make the individual stand out much more. Also, metrics are great when interviewing because it gives the interviewer a piece of information to probe about, such as “How exactly did you raise customer satisfaction rates by 17%?” [Read more…]